Best Basketball Tech Gifts

March Madness is going on!!! Who are you rooting for? Do you have that one friend that is a basketball fanatic? Why not get them a basketball-themed tech gift!

94Fifty Sensor Basketball

This is a new and innovative product only available on Kickstarter. If your friend is serious about basketball, this product is for them! This product is a regulation basketball but bluetooth enabled. The basketball tracks your moves and records them in the product app. Through the app, it provides you with workouts/practices, quick training, compete, and challenge. So, you not only can improve your basketball skills, but play against other players around the world.

There are two different pledge options that include the sensor ball.

  • $195: Sensor Basketball, App, wireless chargers, and Online Community Access.
  • $375: Same as above but includes two sensor basketballs.

Franklin Shoot Again Basketball

This product is perfect to play basketball indoors when the weather is bad outside. It can be hung on most doors for easy play. You can easily shoot hoops indoors without having to run back and forth. It include scoring, buzzer, clock, 1 foam ball, and the rim rotates 180 degree to accommodate different shooting spots. The specs of the product are: 28in. X 17in. X 13in. The list price for this great gift is $60.00.

Blast Basketball

This is a basketball performance analyzer that you can purchase today versus the 94Fifty product. All you have to do is attach the product to your waistband and it will record basketball skills. The product analyzes your jumpshots, dunks, and layups, and the information get sent to their app. Their, it provides you with tips and drills to improve your game. Uniquely, the device include smart video technology so you or your coach can analyze your game. This device costs $150 and is compatible with most iPhone and iPad devices.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 2.1 Record-Equipped Sneakers

These sneakers are great for any guy who is a sports fanatic. These shows come in many size and are black and white with a hint of blue. They $149.99 on the Under Armour site, unless they are on sale. These sneakers are recording-equipped to record any data/metrics during running and exercise. The shoes are comfortable, breathable, and provide arch support.  

Beats Studio + Basketball Skin

If your friend loves basketball they should love music as well! A great pair of headphones that would be great for them are the Beats Studio Wireless. The come in multiple colors: matte black, gloss black, titanium, gloss white, gold, and metallic sky. The headphones pair with bluetooth-enabled devices, and have dual-mode adaptive noise cancelling. They can hold a charge all day long, are comfortable, and have on-ear controls. These headphones cost $379.

What would go perfectly with these are the Beats Studio Basketball Skin! You can get this skin to go on those headphones for only $15 on DecalGirl.

Basketball/March Madness Phone Cases

A simple and affordable to get your basketball-loving friend is a cell phone case. A site I recommend is CafePress. They have any case you could imagine! You could get one with just a basketball, customize one with his/her name on it, or one with a quote. One offavoriteste’s says, “You wish you could shoot like a girl”. On this site, you can also get cases for specific teams and March Madness.The prices range from $20 – $30 for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

These are some great basketball gift options to choose from! Your friend will truly love you! So, get your bracket ready and enjoy March Madness!